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Matt Kelley


Hello Gentle Readers:

And so we come to another watershed event; the change in editorship of the E-zine from Bill Judt to this humble writer. The decision, as you might expect, was not lightly made either on Bill's part or on mine. Bill wanted to make sure that the publication into which he has put so much blood and sweat would remain a viable entity. For my part, I needed to be sure that the tme and resources were available to do a creditable job.

Happily, we both became convinced of the rightness of this change. It is not without some trepidation, however, that I undertake this task. Bill and the contributing writers have set the quality bar quite high, and we will need to work hard to maintain that high quality. You'll note that I said "we," for this happy endeavor is clearly a group effort. I am counting on those who have written in the past to continue to do so, and will also be searching for additional writers. For those of you that have enjoyed Bill's finely written and thoughtful articles, fear not; for I expect Bill to continue as a contributing writer.

As Bill noted, the E-zine will move to a new URL as part of the change in ownership. The E-zine, as well as the web sites associated with the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange programs, will eventually be moving to carverscompanion.com. The site currently contains only links, but look for a lot of updating in the weeks and months ahead.

In closing, I'd like to thank Bill Judt for this opportunity, and for his fine work the past three years. Without his contributions, the state of woodcarving on the web would be sorely lacking indeed.

Best Regards,

Matt Kelley
Incoming Editor