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Tundra Swan

By: Vic Kirkman marshduck@mindspring.com

Vic in ShopGentle Readers:

When I first saw Vic's "Tundra Swan" on the internet I knew that it would be on the cover of this month's Ezine. It is a fine piece of work and an inspiration to all those carvers who "wanna' be", including myself. I hope you enjoy viewing this wonderful piece, and take time to express your pleasure with Vic directly. Of course, feel free to contact him personally to ask questions about it

Vic is roughing out his Tundra Swan

The full sized Tundra Swan


Feather Detail

Nate's Nub

Nub detail

Nate's Head closeup

Nate's head detail

Vic in Shop

Vic in his shop

Vic has a number of offerings for those interested in pursuing wild fowl carving. He offers online instruction (see Vic's Online Wildfowl Instruction Program Preview and FAQ )

He also offers a newsletter called the <get this> "Eggtooth Online Newsletter" which informs readers of upcoming wildfowl carving events.

Vic also offers a list of resources for Suppliers and Reference Material.

And finally, you can view Vic Kirkman Originals in his Gallery at http://www.wildfowlart.com/gallery/gallery.html


Ezine Editor