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Introducing Matt Kelley the New E-zine Editor

September 1, 1999

Gentle Readers:

The WWWoodc@rver Ezine is changing hands, and a new editor is taking the helm. His name is Matt Kelley. Many of you will know him from the Woodcarver Mailing List where he is a frequent contributor. Others among you will know him even better from the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange (W3E), which includes an ongoing Friendship Cane Exchange, organized by Matt himself.

Matt's initiative with W3E has created a lively community of people who have enjoyed participating in cane exchanges for the last two years. Messages from those participating in the W3E have generally appeared on the Woodcarver Mailing List with the heading "Cane Exchange", and have typically expressed the joy, glee, wonder and pleasure or those who have just received a new segment for their "friendship cane" in the mail that day.

The picture below shows Matt (he's the fellow holding Sarge, the West Highland White Terrier) with an example of one of the friendship canes created through the collective efforts of many people from across the continent.

Matt works at the University of Michigan, Information Technology Division, in Ann Arbor, MI. as a business manager for the "Product Development and Deployment" group in the "Information Technology Division". Aside from what this means, technically speaking, it does mean that Matt is well versed in computer technology.

More important, as far as the E-zine is concerned, Matt has demonstrated, over the last two years, a consistent committment to the online carving community and to promoting woodcarving online. He has done so with grace and determination, and his work has been a blessing to those carvers who have signed up for the various exchanges he has organized. In short, he is a people person.

I see Matt wanting to continue and expand his efforts at promoting woodcarving on the internet through the position of owner/editor of the WWWoodc@rver Ezine. In looking for an editor to take over the E-zine, he was the best candidate because he seemed to understand the potential of the E-zine and to value it as a publication. While others have viewed the E-zine as a promotional tool or stepping stone for their careers as carvers, Matt, it seems, has higher motives, and this is why I am delighted that he is taking over.

Remember that your retiring editor had no previous experience as a "publisher" or an "editor". The E-zine was an experiment from the start that happened to be the benfactor of good timing, a lively woodcarvers mailing list, and a dash of perseverence. I believe Matt will begin his work as editor in the same way I did. Happily, the internet allows these things to happen.

For those of you who want to know some details, Matt has indicated that he will run the E-zine using the web-hosting services of pair.com, the same company that has hosted the E-zine these last three years. The E-zine URL (web location) will change slightly, but there will be pointers to the new site for at least six months, ensuring that links get updated on the personal computers of those who read the E-zine. Matt will produce the E-zine on a Macintosh, as it has been thus far.

He is counting on the continued support of those who have written for the E-zine in the past, and will be on the lookout for new writers/contributors. So don't be surprised if he contacts you to write for the E-zine.

Matt is a member of the National Wood Carvers Association and the Tri-City Carvers. His personal home page is at http://celtcarver.com and the W3E home page is at: http://carverscompanion.com

Take a look at both when you have a moment.

And be sure to send Matt an e-mail message of encouragement as he begins his new role.

All the best to you, Matt.


Bill Judt

Retiring Editor