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Carvings at Wood Show '99

Part 2

By Bob Gander



Relief Carving

Another carving by Ron Davidson; this one in calantus, which is also known as Australian cedar. Ron has done several of this type over the years. It remains popular with family, friends and customers.


I did this carving of Mary under the tutelage of Bill Judt at last years Alberta Rocky Mountain Woodcarving Seminar. It is done in birch and was finished with sanding sealer and wax, which is Bill's favorite way of finishing his carvings.


This mirror frame was carved by Bill Steinbring. He called it Grandma's mirror.


This buck and bull elk are also by Bill Steinbring. He uses several layers of different types of wood to create these scenes.


This lovely fish was done in a natural edge wood Gordon Bowman.



Carmen Heinricks and her brother Bruno just joined the Guild this year. As can be seen here, she is an accomplished pyrographer. Carmen doesn't use a pattern or have reference material when she does her work: she just sketches on the wood. On this piece, she used some white paint to heighten the effect of the birch trees.



Bruno does the wood work and Carmen does the pyrography. This jewelry chest has two side compartments that swing open that are used for hanging necklaces as well as having the 6 drawers for other treasures.


Another collaboration of Carmen and Bruno: two buffalo on the short-grass prairie.

Here is a four-horse team cultivating some of that prairie. This and the previous piece are slabs of tree trunks or branches that are approximately 2 inches thick and about 12 inches long.

This is the top of a cutlery chest. Another farm scene from the past. Hopefully Carmen will be able to pass on some of her techniques to other Guild members as we don't have any other members specializing in pyrography.


Chip Carving

Two basswood plates turned by Louis Hartman and then chip carved by him. He is using a dark stain to highlight the carved areas.

Two more plates by Louis. He has done many types of woodwork, but chip carving seems to be his true calling.



Gerry Filteau doesn't often grace the show with his work, so it was particularly nice to be able to display this bald eagle.


We also had a collection of intarsia pieces by Butch Williams. Butch made my life as set-up director much easier by bringing his own 4 ft by 8 ft mounting board with him.


Diamond Willow


Last, but definitely not least, was this collection of lamps by Cal Isaacson. The piece on the left is a combination end table/magazine rack/ lamp. These pieces were done several years ago but weren't previously shown at a Wood Show.



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