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A Pictorial Tour of the GPO


Welcome to a collection of photos from the Great Pig Out. These were taken by several different carvers and/or their significant others; you can find more photos at the GPO Photo Page on the Woodcarvers Porch. Enjoy!



Joe Dillett, host of the GPO, welcomes another visitor! (J. Hindes)


The GPO Site at The Carving Shop - Dining Tents and Scout Tents (J. Hindes)


Another View of the Site (J. Hindes)


The Demonstration Area (J. Hindes)


Jud Hindes: Fearless Photographer, GPO Master of Ceremonies, Auctioneer, Sound Technician and Owner of the Woodcarvers Porch List (M. Kelley)



One of the highlights of the GPO was the judging of the Boring Contest, won by Alex Bisso.

Here Alex explains how it was done. (B. Gallandt)

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