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Reflections of Nature
October, 1999
Saskatoon, SK

This was the 10th annual wildlife art competition, show and sale sponsored by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Art Association. This year, for the first time, it was held at the Centennial Auditorium in downtown Saskatoon. The competition includes flat art as well as sculptures/carvings in any media. This report will focus on the wood carvings and sculptures. These are Event #1- Bird Carving and Event #2 - Wildlife Sculpture. Each of these events is divided into several divisions, that will be described as we see the images. Some divisions are further divided into classes. Entries are also categorized by the artist's level of experience: novice, intermediate or open. Because of the large number of carvings, I have only shown the winning entry in each class/division, with a few exceptions. The color rendition on the painted sculptures and carvings were much, much better than as shown in the images. The fluorescent lighting and my photographic technique are responsible for the less than perfect reproduction.

Most of the entries were from the Saskatoon area. However, there was good representation from our neighboring province to the west, Alberta and from as far east as Ontario. Judges for both Event #1 and Event #2 were: Byron Crabb, Moose Jaw, SK; Greg Pedersen, Courtney, B.C.; Dan Williams, Chattanooga, TN; Ed Brown, Winnipeg, Man.; Stephen Davis, Regina, SK; and Gary Rector, Saskatoon, SK.

Event #1 Bird Carving

Entries must be made primarily of wood. Materials other than wood may be used for strength or support only. All parts of the carving/composition must be made by the artist, with the exception that commercially made glass eyes may be used. [I think at the novice level that natural materials are allowed for habitat.]


Division A: Decorative Life-size Decoys (Flat-Bottom)

First in Class 1 and First in Division (Open) and Best of Show

Class 1 is life-size ducks (all species).

Wood duck Drake by Susan Rod of Calgary, Alberta


First in Class 1 (Intermediate) and First in Division

Widgeon by Bill Davenport of Saskatoon


First in Class 3 and Second in Division (Open)

This was Class 3 for mid-size decoys.

Red Breasted Merganser by Clarence Beresha of Edmonton, Alberta.


Second in Class 3

Wood Duck by Alan Anderson of Devlin, Ontario.



Division B: Decorative Life-Size Bird Carvings

First in Class 1 (Open), First in Division, and Best of Show

Class 1 is song birds.

Blue Jay by Harvey Welch of Saskatoon.


First in Class 1 (Novice), First in Division and Best of Show

Nuthatch by Olaf Karbinski of Calgary, Alberta.


First in Class 2 (Open)

Class 2 is birds of prey.

American Kestrel by Harvey Welch of Saskatoon.


Second in Class 3 (Open)

Ruffed Grouse by Gerald Babiuk of Edmonton, Alberta.


First in Class 3 (Intermediate) and Second in Division

Screech Owl by Glenn Maber of Sherwood Park, Alberta.


Division C: Decorative Miniature Bird Carvings

Must be 1/2 life-size or smaller; maximum dimension of 8" (bird only). There were only entries in Class 3 - Species other than songbirds and flat-bottom decoys.

First in Class 3 (Open) and First in Division

Snowy Owl by Harvey Welch of Saskatoon.


First in Class 3 (Intermediate) and Best of Show

Black Necked Stilt by Gerry Rahan of Calgary, Alberta.


First of Class 3 (Novice) and Best of Show

Prairie Falcons by Olar Karbinski of Calgary, Alberta.