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The Year of the Dragon Carving Contest

The Year of the Dragon Carving Contest is open to all readers of the Woodc@rver Online Magazine.

There will be two major divisions in the contest:

Division 1 will be only for carvings based upon "Ol' Don" Burgdorf's pattern in this issue of the Woodc@rver Online Magazine (WOM). The carvings may be these catagories: cane heads, bottle stoppers, and other carvings. Submissions that, in the opinion of the judges, vary significantly from Ol' Don's pattern will be redirected to Division 2.

Division 2 will be for all other dragons; catagories include sticks, bottle stoppers, in the round, relief, pyrographic art and other carvings. Other catagories may be added if required. Entries in this Division may have been completed any time in the last five years.

Prizes are still being determined, but will include pattern portfolios by "Ol' Don" Burgdorf, books, and diamond willow sticks.

Prizes will awarded for Best of Division and Best of Catagory. 2nd and 3th place winners will also determined and announced.

Entries are limited to one entry per catagory, but you may enter more than one catagory.

Catagory Winners will be determined by a panel of three to five impartial judges. The decisions of the judges will be final.

Best of Division Winners will be determined by vote of the readers of Woodc@rver Online Magazine. Voting procedures will be announced in the September/October issue of WOM. The voting period will be the first two weeks of October.

Winners to be announced in the November/December issue of WOM.

Submission Deadlines: Electronic or hardcopy photos of entries must be submitted no later than September 15, 2000. Submisssion details will be announced in the September/October issue WOM.

A note on photograph quality: like it or not, photographic quality impacts the presentation of your carving. Allow sufficient time before the submission deadline to reshot your photographs if required.