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Welcome to the Woodcarver Online Magazine Dragon Contest.


Winners to be announced in the November/December issue of WOM.

Prizes will awarded for Best of Division. Catagory winners will also be determined and announced.

Voting ended at noon EST Thursday October 26. Look for the winners in the Nov/Dec issue of WOM.

Division 1 Carvings based upon "Ol' Don" Burgdorf's pattern in the July/August issue of WWWoodc@rver Online Magazine (WOM).


Dragon stick

Cherry wood

Myron (Jake) Jacobsen,


Division 2 All other dragons

Sticks and Canes



Diamond willow; oils and polyurethane finish

John Jellies



Dragon cane

Calvin Richens




Yew with Tagua nut teeth, mounted on a twisted Ash shank

Mik Strevens,

In the Round

The Stubbron Dragon

Basswood and acrylics

Matt Kelley



Basswood and tung oil

Terry Nees


Sweet Pea

Basswood, acrylic paint

Mervin Warner


Jeff's Dragon

Lime wood with Melamine sealer

Lesley Wyatt


The Keeper

Red Wood, Dintillum shell spines and fangs (Wizard figure in clay)

Wayne York



Wrath of the River Dragon

Pyrography ­ soldering iron on cow hide

Adri Pretorius


Dad in the Evening

Pyrography and Prismacolor pencil highlights on birch plywood

Pat Sherman


Boyd's Forest Dragon

Pyrography and oil pastel on basswood

Dawn Wasson


Saint George

Brian Richardson


George's Spoon

Brian Richardson