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Welcome to the Woodcarver Online Magazine Dragon Contest.

One hundred twenty people voted in the WOM Dragon Contest; the winners may be found below.

Best of Division winners will receive a variety of prizes, including diamond willow sticks and a pattern portfolio; catagory winners will receive their choice of two individual patterns from any of "Ol' Don" Burgdorf's portfolios.

Thanks to the participants, and to the folks that provided prizes for the contest; you are encouraged to patronize them when you need material or patterns.

Diamond willow provided by:

Ken Laninga - Email to sticks_432@hotmail.com or visit his web site at www.sticksite.com

Gene and Darlene Bremmer - Email to bremmers@midwestinfo.com or visit their web site at http://diamondwillowwood.tripod.com

Pattern portfolios provided by:

"Ol' Don" Burgdorf - Emal to ol'don@artofdon.com or vist his web site at http://artofdon.com

Division 1 Carvings based upon "Ol' Don" Burgdorf's pattern.


Best in Division - Dragon stick

Cherry wood

Myron (Jake) Jacobsen,


Division 2 All other dragons (Division winner at the end of the section)

Sticks and Canes

First Place - D'raknor

Yew with Tagua nut teeth, mounted on a twisted Ash shank

Mik Strevens,


Second Place - WillowWyrm

Diamond willow; oils and polyurethane finish

John Jellies


Third Place - Dragon cane

Calvin Richens


In the Round


First Place - Sweet Pea

Basswood, acrylic paint

Mervin Warner


Second Place - Jeff's Dragon

Lime wood with Melamine sealer

Lesley Wyatt


Third Place - The Keeper

Red Wood, Dintillum shell spines and fangs (Wizard figure in clay)

Wayne York



Basswood and tung oil

Terry Nees


The Stubbron Dragon

Basswood and acrylics

Matt Kelley



First Place - Wrath of the River Dragon

Pyrography ­ soldering iron on cow hide

Adri Pretorius


Second Place - Dad in the Evening

Pyrography and Prismacolor pencil highlights on birch plywood

Pat Sherman


Third Place - Boyd's Forest Dragon

Pyrography and oil pastel on basswood

Dawn Wasson


First Place - Saint George

Brian Richardson


First Place - George's Spoon

Brian Richardson

Friendship Cane Segment

The photo of this cane segment was sent to your humble editor well before the contest deadline, but was unfortunately misplaced. As in several other catogories, this was the only carving submitted.

Dragon Cane Segment

Anthony Lovitt









Division 2 Best of Division

First Place - Sweet Pea

Basswood, acrylic paint

Mervin Warner