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Dear Friends in Carving -

Welcome to the November/December 2000 issue of the Woodc@rver Online Magazine.

This issue is chock-a-block with all kinds of interesting articles, including:


W3E News - based upon feedback from participants, the W3E Friendship Cane program has been modified to reduce the group size to 8 carvers. This means the commitment has been reduced to carving 8 segments in 8 months. It is expected this change will encourage more people to participate, and reduce the number of folks that "get behind" in their carving commitment. For more details visit the W3E Cane Exchange page HERE.

Finally, this issue marks the beginning of my second year as the owner/editor/publisher/whatever of this publication. It has been, to say the least, a very interesting year. As Bill Judt found before me, WOM requires a lot more hours than you would at first expect. Those hours come out of other activities, including carving! On the other hand, the support and positive response WOM continues to receive from contributors and readers is just the thing to perk you up at the end of a long editing session.

So - to the contributors and readers - a BIG thanks for that ongoing support. Please continue to share WOM with your friends. Suggest they visit carverscompanion.com and join the fun!

Once again I'd like to thank all those who helped with this issue of WOM, and if you, the readers, have comments, suggestion or ideas for future articles, I'd be very happy to receive them all. Just email me at Editor@carverscompanion.com.

Carve On!

Matt Kelley, Editor