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A Chipcarved Hoechst


Jan Oegema says "Chipcarving is one of my great carving loves." One look at his work and you'll find there is no doubt about that.

A native of The Netherlands who to came to Canada in 1950, Oegema has been chipcarving since 1972. He started caricature and relief carving in 1989, about the time he joined the Bowmanville, Ontario Woodchip Club. Jan now carves, teaches and sells tools and supplies.


The Hoechst

Jan Oegema is know to his friends as "The Woodbutcher." His work belies the nickname. Two prime examples of his skill as a chip carver are this Dutch Hoechst, or hope chest, and the companion jewelry box.

Jan teachs carving in the Warkworth Penitentiary on a volunteer basis one full day every 3 weeks. It was there that he had the Hoechst made to order to fit a pattern purchased in Holland 3 years ago. The pattern is suppose to date back to early 1900.


Oegema started work on the Hoechst in May of this year, with the initial step of transferring the pattern onto the chest using carbon.

He finished carving on August 15, after some 200 to 225 hours of work.



Left: Back corner detail


The piece was stained cherry jell stain. Oegema says " It goes on very evenly ­ that's why I use that."

The box then received five coats of Deft spray finish.


Left: Front corner detail



The Jewerly Box

The jewelry box was treated much the same way, taking 25 hours to carve. On the jewelry box the jell stain was applied with a rag and toothbrush.

Oegema reports that he has no specific plans for the Hoechst and the box ­ he did the carvings "because they were there."

Jan "The Woodbutcher" Oegema with the jewerly box.


You may contact Jan Oegema via email at jancarves@home.com

To see more of Jan's carvings, or get information about classes or tools, visit his web site at http://members.home.net/jancarves.