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A Gallery of Celtic Art, Page 2

Sound board for Aeolian Harp, Dawn Wassen - pyrography with oils

Note the sound holes incorporated into the design of the bird bodies,



Knotwork Ornament, Cherry - Donna Menke

Pendant, Cherry - Donna Menke

Pyrography knotwork, Lesley Wyatt

Pyrography knotwork, Lesley Wyatt

Pyrography Celtic Crosses, Lesley Wyatt


Berry Knot Bowl

Bowl turned by English wood turner John Bailey; decoration by Cari Buziak.

This particular bowl's design is taken from the Book of Kells, with added gold Trinity Knots, and the traditional Triple Berry marks (the small clusters of triple dots) which is a popular decoration in old manuscripts.

To visit Cari's web site, Aon Celtic Art, click HERE


Bird & Spiral Plate

Another John Bailey/Cari Buziak collaboration. The designs on this plate are painted in deep green and then leafed in copper.


Left:  Blue Knot - Cari Buziak - This little knot was made from a pattern in the Book of Kells. Only half of it appears on the bottom of folio 32v, but it is doubled it up to make a complete circle from it.

Right: Spiral Cross - Cari Buziak - The cross shape itself has been widely used by many ancient peoples, long before the arrival of Christianity. It's four arms were perfect for denoting the four elements, the four directions of the compass, and the four parts of man - mind, body, soul and heart. The addition of the ring around or through the cross has had many explanations, everything from sun worship and symbolism, to creating a shape with the cross that was well contained and aesthetically pleasing. This is a sea blue cross with gold work, enclosed within a spiral border.


Hounds ­ "Bran and Sceolaing - Hounds of Fionn Mac Cumhaill" - Cari Buziak

The pair of hounds were carved into a solid 1" thick piece of oak, then the blue-green patina was added. The antique finish with the bits of copper coming through give it appearance of an old brass plate with rivets, like it was torn from an old ship or ruin.


Cross of Ireland, Cari Buziak

This cross is very traditional in style, having a maze patterns (particularly in the cross center) included with the knotwork interlacings. This sort of combination is found in in many cross designs, especially in the manuscripts like The Lindisfarne Gospels.




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