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Feather Carving: A Professional Guide To Understanding The Basics

By Jill E. Ellis, Ontario, Canada (mantis@kent.net)

Reviewed by Matt Kelley


Feather Carving, Jill Ellis' new electronic book, is an introduction to feather carving intended for the novice and intermediate carver. Ellis tells us her objective "is to answer all the questions about feather carving that carvers and students have asked me over the past 26 years . . ." as a teacher and judge.

This electronic book consists of ninety-six pages. The preview copy used in this review was an Acrobat pdf document. The book is available as a down-loadable document or on CD.


Contents include


You will find Feather Carving to be well-illustrated with many photographs and line drawings. Using a few simple tools, the step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. Ellis' book will serve as a good primer for anyone that wants to learn to carve feathers.

If you are interested in wood burning the feathers once carved, then you'll have to wait for another book ­ this volume is strictly about carving.

So the questions arises ­ do you take the computer to the shop, or the shop to the computer? Not a problem - with both the CD and dowloadable version you may print one to all of the pages to take along to your shop.

The download version is available at $19.95 CA, approximately $12.95 US. The CD goes for $24.95, or about $16.95 US. For more information on Jill Ellis' book, email info@rhinowebfx.com, or visit http://www.rhinowebfx.com.

Jill Ellis has been carving for some 26 years, starting with relief, chip carving, then moving to water fowl. In 1988 Ellis had two winners in the Ward World Wildfowl Carving Championship, with repeat winners in 1989 and 1990. In the fall of 1990 an auto accident put her carving career on hold for some five year. Ellis learned to carve left handed, and although somewhat slowed, has for the last four years been carving and teaching, particularly junior kids (6-15 years) and retirees.