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METRO CARVERS - 21st Annual Show

by Doug Evans

The Metro Carvers of Michigan held its 21st annual carving show, sale and competition on March 24th and 25th in Madison Heights, Michigan. The Metro Carvers are proud that they are one of the few clubs that still hold a two-day show. This year's show was a great success! This year, 139 carvings were entered in 53 categories. These carvers were from all over Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and many from north of the border (Canada).

The show drew an audience of approximately 1,600 including the Woodcarver Online Magazine's fine editor Matt Kelley. Matt and I had a chance to visit and offer our opinions on the many carvings on display (although besides us, no one seemed to care what we thought).

Our Judges for the competition this year were:

These were the men who had to make the tough decisions and award the ribbons. They did a great job and we appreciate their efforts.

The Best of Show and Second Best of Show ribbons were won by Jim Shannon. The Best of Show entry was a Kingfisher and the Second Best was a Red Tailed Hawk. Congratulations Jim! The Third Best of Show went to Dick Jacobs for his Violin Player. Dick is one of Metro Carvers officers and was in charge of registration for this year's show. Congrats and thanks Dick!

We were fortunate enough this year to have Norm Kandow and his daughter Debi demonstrate chain saw carving at the show's main entrance. Norm and Debi fought the cold and snow and carved many pieces to the delight of many visitors. Thanks guys!

This years show committee was:

Many Thanks to the committee and all club members who made the show a great success. Everyone's help "behind the scenes" makes the show "happen"! Next years show is already scheduled for March 23 and 24, 2002 at the same location. We hope to see many of our Woodcarver Online Magazine friends there.

Below you will find several photos from the show. I hope you enjoy!

--Doug Evans, dge1@mediaone.net

Metro Show Photo Gallery


Best of Show

Kingfisher - Jim Shannon


Second Best of Show

Redtail Hawk - Jim Shannon


Third Best of Show

Violin Player - Dick Jacobs


Green Man - Dick Jacobs


Butternut Dolphins - John Szrajer


Barn in Snow - Joe Pinho


Elephant - Haroll Rye


Dwarf and Hobitt - Floyd Rhadigan


Gobblins - Floyd Rhadigan


Raggedy Ann - Bill Binns


Emmett Kelly - Ed Hunt




Indian Head - Bill Wolfe


Farm Relief - Dennis Galli