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Welcome to the May/June 2001 issue of the Woodc@rver Online Magazine.

Friends in Wood -

Spring is upon us, with summer not far behind (at least for our readers in the Northern Hemisphere.) That means all those summer distractions are also at hand - yard work, graduation and open houses, weddings, vacations. For all but the truly obsessed, those things really tend to cut into our bench time.

So how does one keep on carving with all that spring and summer stuff going on?

If you have other great ideas, please share with the rest of us. Send email to summercarving@carverscompanion.com and we'll post the best ideas at The Carver's Companion web site.

Above all, Friends in Wood - Carve On!

Matt Kelley

This issue is once again packed with all kinds of interesting articles, including:

Once again I'd like to thank all those who helped with this issue of WOM, and if you, the readers, have comments, suggestion or ideas for future articles, I'd be very happy to receive them all. Just email me at Editor@carverscompanion.com.

Matt Kelley, Editor