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The Chainsawn' Bear

By Matt Kelley

To paraphrase an old saw from the paper publishing business - a headline reading Man Carves Bear is no big deal, but if it's Bear Carves Man then you've got something. In this topsy-turvy story, a carving inspired by a slightly warped imagination (and I suspect, a little too much of The Far Side) has earned Mike Bloomquist a 2nd place ribbon and a special award from the Caricature Carvers of America (CCA).


Of his carving Mike writes:

This carving was inspired a little by Pete Ortel's Davenport Best-of-Show Winner "Love" where the life-size sculpture comes to life and she blows it's creator a kiss. It was inspired a little by Carl Borst's Chip Chats pattern "My first Chainsaw Carving" (a chainsaw). The 'victim' is inspired a lot by all the wonderful John Raucci caricatures. Finally, it was triggered by a drive up to Old Forge where I was thinking to myself, "If I see one more chainsaw carved bear...".

I hope the many talented chainsaw carvers will see the humor in this, but if I ever hear a Stihl or Huskavarna crank up at my next carving show I'm bookin' for the nearest exit!

At the 2001 Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association Show this carving squeaked out a 2nd place between a 1st and 3rd received by Dennis Thornton, the newest member of the Caricature Carvers of America. On the second day of the show it received the CCA Award for "Doing the most to promote caricature carving as an art form" at that show. You have to read that as "doing the most" AFTER all of the pieces by CCA members and show members there who have won the award in previous years.


Mike Bloomquist is a carver and carving teacher, and edits the on-line newletter for the Mohawk Valley Art & Woodcarving Association . You may visit Mike's web site, Wooden Dreams Woodcarving at http://www.borg.com/~bloomqum/index.htm or email him at bloomqum@borg.com.

Look for Mike's article about the joys of teaching woodcarving elsewhere in this issue of WOM.