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Welcome to the September/October 2001 issue of Woodc@rver Online Magazine.


"The Dog Ate My Homework!"

That is the classic excuse from some school kid for not having homework completed on time. As much as we think that is a "classic" (but not real) excuse, I'm here to tell you that in some cases, it is true. In my particular case, the "homework" was a review of Bob Stampf's new CD that was originally to appear in the last issue of WOM.

I started the review one Thursday evening at home, and left the CD, in it's case, on the coffee table in the family room. Imagine my surprise the next evening when I found one corner of the case chewed to plastic scrap. The CD was relatively less damaged, but the few teeth marks thereon were sufficient to keep the CD from running properly. The perpetrator of this misdeed? Angus Kahn, our year-old West Highland White Terrier pup.

All has turned out well, however; I had another copy of the CD at work, and you'll find the review in this issue of WOM. As for Gus - we now try to make sure that CD's (and pens, pencils, and ladies shoes) are all safely out of reach.

GPO Friendship Cane

In just a few weeks a number of carvers will be off to the Great Pig Out 2001 in little Somonauk, IL This event is once again hosted by Joe Dillett and will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We will be auctioning off two splendid friendship canes carved by members of the various woodcarving lists, and hope to make a very nice contribution to Make-A-Wish. In case you missed the details, see the last issue of WOM.

The fine response to the Friendship Cane project, particularly by folks that are not attending GPO2001, just reaffirms the fact that carvers are some of the nicest people around.



Welcome A New Supporter

I am pleased to announce that Stubi Direct has become a supporter of WOM. Managed by Chris Whillock, Stubi Direct is the US distributor of Stubi's fine line of carving tools. Stubi tools are available from a number of woodcarving tool vendors; you can see the wide tool selection and locate a vendor near you at the Stubi Direct website.


In this issue:

Mike Bloomquist returns to WOM, answering a question common to woodcarvers.

Harry Alsman had a month to carver a four foot high ship's figurehead - here's the story.

Sandy Holder reports on the Third Annual Wood Carvers' Roundup in Evart, MI, as well as the upcoming "Spit and Whittle" session on September 15 and 16.

Vic Kirkman offers an invitation to join the Bird Carvers Online Community.

"Ol' Don" Burgdorf's pattern this month is a lovely young lady

A clown called "Chuey" is Pete LeClair's project offering for this issue.

Loren Woodard continues his fine work on Notes From The Net.

A review of the Woodcarving Fundamentals with Bob Stampf CD.


So sit back and enjoy this issue of WOM - and we'll be back with the Christmas issue before you know it.

Above all, Friends in Wood - Carve On!

Matt Kelley

P.S. The TriCity Carvers Club is raffling a very nicely carved carousel rocking horse, and tickets are still available. To see the rocking horse and get more information visit the TriCity Carver's web site HERE.

Once again I'd like to thank all those who helped with this issue of WOM, and if you, the readers, have comments, suggestion or ideas for future articles, I'd be very happy to receive them all. Just email me at Editor@carverscompanion.com.