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Friends in Wood -

After 9-11

The last issue of WOM appeared on September 10 - and the next morning the world as we know it changed forwever. Shortly after 9:00 AM, everyday things were put aside - work, messages to the woodcarving lists, woodcarving itself - as we watched the terrible events unfold.

We have all seen, perhaps too frequently, the stark images of that day, and those events and the many victims will not be soon forgotten.

Not long after the attacks, messages of support and sympathy began to appear on the several woodcarving lists, sent by our carving friends in other nations. For this support the carvers of the United States thank you.

That support continues even today. For example, Ian Norbury has been working for almost a year on an interactive CD titled Carving Uncle Sam. Since the events of September 11th, Norbury has decided to donate the profit from CD sales to the New York City Fireman's Relief Fund. (For more details see the Norbury article in this issue.)

As we all work through the healing process, it is critical we continue to remember those who died that terrible day, in particular the fire, police and paramedics who perished in their attempts to rescue the earlier victims. To that end many people have been wearing red, white and blue ribbons.

As an alternative, consider adding "9-11" some where on each carving you make. I have done just that on each carving made since that day - and will continue to do so for at least the next year. I invite you to do the same.

Finally, I have discussed with several carvers the possibility of assembling a gallery (virtual or otherwise) of carvings of firefighters, police and paramedics, in order to honor the heros of September 11th. If you have thoughts on such a project, I invite you to share them - please email me at editor@carverscompanion.com.


GPO Friendship Cane

Two friendship canes produced by members of the various woodcarving lists and readers of this publication were auctioned at the Great Pig Out 2001 in Somonauk, IL on September 23. The event, which benefited the Make-A-Wish Foundation, was a huge success. The friendships canes went for a total of $370! Thanks again to all the carvers that participated.


The End of Year Five

This is issue six of volume five of Woodcarver Online Magazine, marking the end of five years of publication. Although this magazine is a lot of work, the rewards in personal satisifaction and positive feedback from other carvers make it worth the effort. So thanks are in order to several groups of people:

To all of you, a great big THANKS.

Matt Kelley, Editor