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Santa Exchange to Join the W3E Family

As the result of requests from readers of WOM, a new exchange program will join the W3E family soon. While some details are yet to be finalized, a Santa exchange will begin in the next several weeks,

This new exchange will have a format that differs from the other W3E programs. In the Santa exchange, you will not register until after you have finished a Santa carving. Once you are complete and ready to ship, only then will you register and be matched up with the next person to also be complete and ready to ship.

So with the Santa exchange there will be no schedule - you carve at your own rate. There is no commitment to a fixed number of carvings - you can opt in or out as your schedule permits. The exchange will be continuousv - so you may participate at any time.

Look for an announcement on the carving lists in the next several weeks, or visit the W3E home page for updates.