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Steff Rocknak continued: Carving "The Old Woman", a work in progress.


"The Old Woman" is being carved in a piece of ebony which was given to me. Evidently, it had been laying around a barn for years. The bottom half of this piece will not be carved, but sanded and finished. This wood is extremely hard; I broke at least three tools getting this far (the piece is about 2/3 complete in this photo).


(The "Old Woman" is 16" high including the base.)


Here, the different colors of the ebony are clearly visible. In some places, it is yellow, in others purple, brown and black. The finished figure will be more resolved than this, but it will not be smooth.



View from below; one hand will be fisted, the other, relaxed. She's got a bit of defiance left

You may see more of "The Old Woman" and other of Steff's carvings at http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Exhibit/9714/ .