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Welcome to the January/February 2002 Issue of WOM

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Friends in Wood -

The holiday season is behind us, and as we start another calendar year, we also begin Year Six of Woodcarver Online Magazine. It is sometimes hard to believe that five years have passed since Bill Judt started this little online magazine. WOM continues along in good heath, with an excellence base of regular contributors. Of course, we are always looking for new ideas and new contributors; if there is an topic you would like to see covered, if you have a article idea or are interested in writing for WOM, please contact me at Editor@carverscompanion.com.

Finally, a big thanks to the sponsors, contributors, and readers that help keep WOM at going proposition.

Matt Kelley, Editor

New Ratings -

From time to time reviews of books, tapes and CD's appear in these pages. Starting with this issue, you will find a "thumbs-up" rating included with such reviews. The ratings range from zero to five thumbs-up, although you'll likely see five thumbs rarely, and only on very exceptional items. Thanks to "Ol' Don" Burgdorf for supplying the art work.