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This issue of WOM features the first of what I expect will be an ongoing series of panel discussions of topics of importance to us in the world of woodcarving. If this first discussion is any indication, you will find the opinions of the panel members thoughtful and thought provoking. Some of the positions taken by panel members may even cause considerable disagreement among WOM readers - but that is just fine. The purpose is to widely explore relevant issues and generate discussion and thought.

The topic of this first panel discussion is: Roughouts, Class Projects and Commercial Patterns: Their Place In Judged Carving Competition. I hope you have as much fun in the reading as we did in the discussion.


Chip Of The O' Block Update: Vern Robinson reports that thing are progressing nicely in negotiations with a distributing company for the proposed TV series. He does ask our help in determining what woodcarvers would like to see in future shows. You'll find more information at the end of Page 2 of Pyrograffiti.


I am quite pleased to welcome Marnie Whillock Associates as the newest supporter of Woodcarver Online Magazine. Marnie carries a wide range of Stubai tools, material and books, including all of Ivan Whillock's books. Classes taught at Ivan 's studio may also be booked through her web site. Welcome Marnie!

Matt Kelley, Editor