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Welcome to Volume 7 Issue 4 of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers, now in it's seventh year of service.

We are well into the summer vacation time here in North America; I hope you are finding time to get away and do a little carving.

Vanity license plates are now available in many states; but I haven't seen any vanity plates relating to woodcarving. If you have a woodcarving themed plate, send along a photo and if there are enough submissions we'll put together a gallery for the Sept/Oct issue. Photos should be sent to vanity plate@carverscompanion.com. If you have only a hardcopy photo, please contact me at the same email addy for a mailing address.

Carving Galleries will be featured in the next two issues of WOM:

Look for information on submitting entries elsewhere in this issue of WOM.

Don't forget that August 15, 2003 is the 6th annual World Wide Woodcarvers Day. That's a good day to share the magic of woodcarving with someone new.

Larger poster HERE. Feel free to duplicate to help promote woodcarving.

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Carve On, Friends - Matt Kelley, Editor