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Welcome to Volume 7 Issue 5 of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers, now in it's seventh year of service.

Fall is upon us here in North America; which means that we will soon be busy with carving holiday presents and comissions, If you need ideas for projects, keep in mind the many patterns in this and past issue of WOM.

The Santa Gallery will return to WOM in the November/December issue; as always photos of your favorate Santa (and helpers) are welcome.

Vanity license plates are now available in many states; but I haven't seen any vanity plates relating to woodcarving (other then the one on my car.) If you have a woodcarving themed plate, send along a photo and we'll put together a gallery in a future issue. Photos should be sent to vanity plate@carverscompanion.com. If you have only a hardcopy photo, please contact me at the same email addy for a mailing address.

Look for information on submitting entries elsewhere in this issue of WOM.

I am pleased to welcome Quality Carving Supply and owner Richard C. Waston of Venice, FL, to the family of WOM sponsors. Richard has been selling carving supplies for some 27 years and offers a wide selection of tools and supplies. Be sure to visit his web site.

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