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by Kathleen Menéndez

Pyrography News From Around the World

Newsletter No. 25, Page Three of Three


Page One:
Cassie and Adri Pretorius: On a Lifelong Safari Together

Page Two:
Peni and Lee Powell: Displaying Their Flemish Art Collection

Page Three:
Introducing New IAPA Members:
- Stefano Bonfatti: Photorealism
- Pierre Doré: Decorative Interpretations
- Lestat de Lioncourt: Erotic Fantasy
News from Old Friends:
- Michael Janson: Listed in Russia's Artindex
- Houba: New Works for Exhibits in 2003
- Dino: Featured in an Interior Design Magazine
- Update on Husband-and-Wife Team Alejandro and Gabriela

Stefano Bonfatti: Photorealism

Uomo con Pentola (Man with Pot)
by Stefano Bonfatti, 2003

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

A Portrait Artist Discovers Pyrography

From Rovagnate in Italy comes a young pyrographic artist Stefano Bonfatti who started five years ago as a self-taught artist doing street portraits. One day out of curiosity, he tried out his little brother's woodburning kit, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Pomeriggio al Bar (An Afternoon at the Outdoor Bar)
by Stefano Bonfatti, 2003

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

New Techniques for New Old Looks

Since that time, Stefano continued experimenting on his own, later with more professional pyro tools, and then started selling his pyrographic vignettes at local fairs. Last October he began working with a blowtorch as well. Combining the two pyrographic techniques produced that look of antique prints that he was hoping for.

Donna con castagne (Woman with Chestnuts)
by Stefano Bonfatti, 2003

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Artistic Philosophy and Plans for the Future

Through his art work, Stefano wants to bring back from the past all the typical culture of the places he portrays, for example, Brianza (north of Milan), Lombardy, and Rovagnate (a town between Milan and Lecco). He wants to show with his works--conjuring up the old prints from their time--the daily life of yesteryear of the people in that region, through vignettes of their work, folk fairs, and typical dress.

Stefano quit his job a year ago in the hope of making his living working as an artist.

View more of his works in his E-Museum salon.

Pierre Doré: Decorative Interpretations

by Pierre Doré, 2002

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Scenes from the Province of Québec

Canadian Pierre Doré lives in a small city about 100 miles north of Québec City.

He has only been woodburning since 2001 and has only done 16 pyro works to date, although none this year. As with several other IAPA artists, Pierre found woodBURNING, through woodTURNING. He says that he was looking for a way to embellish his miniature woodturnings. After researching on the web, he bought himself a Razortip pyro tool and The Complete Pyrography book by Stephen Poole and tried his luck.

Sailboat on Choppy Waters
by Pierre Doré, 2002

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Goals for His Latest Skill

Pierre's sensibilities for composition, light and shadow are readily apparent. He is a gifted artist who likes to experiment with new art forms, and pyrography is his latest. He had to put his pyrography on hold this year because of work and family commitments, but has just joined IAPA to get back on track with this latest one. His goal for his pyrography is the same as for all the art forms he has worked in, to simply create beauty and do work that he can be proud of. See more examples of his pyrography in the Pierre Doré E-Museum Salon.

Lestat de Lioncourt: Erotic Fantasy

Girl on Beach
by Lestat de Lioncourt, 2003

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Fantasy Art

Mexican artist Lestat de Lioncourt has just joined IAPA and hopes to participate more with the group. His English is up to the challenge, but his knowledge of how the group site works is still problematic (as it is for all of us at times).

View more of Lestat's work in his E-Museum salon. Lestat, welcome!

Michael Janson: Listed in Russia's Artindex

Oval Object
by Michael Janson, 2002

Pyrography on paper
28 cm by 29 cm

Image courtesy of the artist

Good News from Russia

I am pleased to announce that Russian abstract artist Michael Janson from St. Petersburg has recently been recognized in Russia's Artindex where he is included in their bilingual catalogue (Russian-English). The handsome, hard-cover book displays about 1000 works by 187 artists of excellence in his country and includes a synopsis on each artist and his respective specialty. What has gotten Michael's work description a lot of attention is that his is the only one citing PYROGRAPHY ON PAPER as the medium (all of the others say OIL ON CANVAS).

Published in Artindex is his abstract entitled Oval Object. It was featured in his second appearance on the pages of WOM in March of this year (see Pyrograffiti 22), so we are pleased to have shown it here first, and honored that Artindex noted his membership in I.A.P.A., his salon in the E-Museum, and articles on his work in WOM, as well. Michael, you've made us all proud--congratulations!

Houba: New Works for Exhibits in 2003

The Djellaba Vendor
by Abdulwahab Mihoub, 2003

Pyrography on wood panel

Image courtesy of the artist

Folk Art from the Sahara Desert

This last June, Algerian Abdulwahab ("Houba") Mihoub was once more invited to show his works at a gallery in Algiers. It was uncertain whether the event would take place, when the city of Algiers was damaged by an earthquake shortly before the exhibition was scheduled to begin; however, it did indeed take place and proved a big success for Houba.

That very month, he had a second invitation to show his work at a special exhibit in Gap, France, so his folkloric works of his native oasis city of Touggourt in the Sahara Desert in Algeria are becoming known internationally. Look for a couple of these new works in his updated E-Museum salon. Congratulations, Houba.

Dino: Featured in an Interior Design Magazine

by Dino Muradian, 2003

Pyrography on tinted paper

Image courtesy of the artist

Published in Bucharest

Romanian Dino Muradian has been living in Bucharest for some time now. He has been featured frequently in WOM articles (see, for example Pyrograffiti 19) and other on-line articles, as well as in American magazines and newspapers when he was living in the United States.

A 3-page article about his work is being released this month in Romania in the interior design magazine Domus. Congratulations, Dino, on this latest success.

Update on Husband-and-Wife Team
Alejandro and Gabriela

Indigenous Madonna and Child
by Alejandro Veneziani and Gabriela Lezcano, 2003

Pyrography on leather over pressed board
approximately 8 cm by 6.5 cm

Image courtesy of the artists

Indigenous Folk Festival
by Alejandro Veneziani and Gabriela Lezcano, 2003

Pyrography on leather over pressed board
approximately 8 cm by 6.5 cm

Image courtesy of the artists

Expanding Their Decorative Art Business

Argentinean artists Alejandro Veneziani and Gabriela Lezcano are another couple working as a team in pyrography on leather, who were featured nearly a year ago in WOM's Pyrograffiti 20. They do both fine art work on leather (that they sell through their art gallery in Villa Gisell, Argentina) as well as decorative art items of religious art (that they sell in Buenos Aires and over the internet). They were looking then to expand their second business and also teach what they do in Mexico. At present, they have decided to search for a new market for the religious decorative art part of their business and have set their sights on the United States, particularly the Latin American population, which shares their religious traditions and related social customs of gift giving for Baptisms, First Communions, House Blessings, etc. This demographic group was recently cited in the U.S. national news as now having become the largest minority group in the U.S. population.

The two images above are examples from the enormous inventory in Alejandro's and Gabriela's new catalogue of work from their Taller de Artesanía Religiosa en Cuero (Studio of Religious Art on Leather) at : www.angelfire.com/ar3/veneziani. Alejandro and Gabriela, good luck with your latest venture.

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The Author

Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez learned her pyrography techniques in Guatemala in 1975-1977. Her sister, Artist Sharon H. Garvey, later joined her there to collaborate on a pyrography project designed to promote this art form in the United States by means of a didactic book and a pyrography tool made by Navarro of Mexico.

Thanks to the internet, this is the seventh year of articles on pyrography for the Woodcarver Online Magazine (WOM), started January 1997, and the sixth year of the E-Museum of Pyrographic Art, which opened its virtual doors January 1998. In March of that year, the International Association of Pyrographic Artists (IAPA) was formed and members began meeting on line. Linked from the E-Museum's Café Flambé, which hosts the IAPA meetings, is the Yahoo Groups uniting_pyrographers mailing list, member list, and chat forum set up by IAPA Co-founder Mixo Sydenham of Australia for IAPA members.

2003, Kathleen M. Garvey Menéndez, all rights reserved.