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CCA 2003 National Caricature Carving Competition

CCA Competition Site Tour

Photos by Matt Kelley

Welcome to the WOM virtual tour of the 2003 CCA Competition and Exhibition. In this tour you'll see almost all of the carvings entered in the Competiton, which were on display in an exhibit hall in Dollywood. The exhibition included the CCA Auction Exhibit, a group of carvings by CCA members that will be placed in auction later this year. (See related article.)

Your tour begins on this page with an Overview of the Exhibit Hall and the Best of Show winners. The rest of the tour is grouped more or less by catagory. You may navigate about the tour by using the links at the end of each page, or returning here and using the links below. Enjoy your tour!

Human Figure < 15"

Human Figure > 15"

Single Animal



Bust, Head and Mask

Miniature and Miscellaneous


An Overview of the Exhibit Hall







Best of Show Winners

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