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Friends in Wood -

Welcome to Volume 8 Issue 1 of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers. This issue marks the beginning of Year 8 for WOM, a remarkable achievement in this day and age.

CCA Competition 2003

Last year I was invited to attend the Caricature Carvers of America 2003 Caricature Carving Competition and Exhibition as a guest of CCA. It was a long journey to Dollywood, but well worth the drive. I had the opportunity to see many great carvings, take a lot of photos, and spend time with many of the CCA membership. You will see the results of a lot of hard work by many carvers in this issue of WOM. Special thanks to Jack A. and Carole Williams for sharing their superb photos of the winning carvings, auction pieces and seminars.

Custom License Plates, Part 3

For the last two issue of WOM I have solicited photos of custom license plates with woodcarving themes. Based upon the response, darn few carvers have custom plates on their cars and trucks. At this point I have photos of only one such plate - and it's on the sedan out in my driveway.

I originally tried to get a plate that said WDCARVR, but that plate is already on a vehicle somewhere in Michigan, so I settled on WDCRVIN, It was, I reasoned, a perfectly clear message without possibility of misinterpretation; it could only mean WOOD CARVING!

Ah, foolishly optimistic man! A day or two after the plate arrived, one of my sons stopped by, took one look at the plate and announced that the plate clearly said WOOD CRAVING.

Wood CRAVING? How could he be so wrong? After a bit of reflection, however, I decided that wood carving or wood craving was just fine; after all, if you do the former, you are going to have the latter!

I'm still looking for other carvers with custom carving-themed plates - so if you have them, send 'em on to plates@carverscompanion.com.

New Sponsors

I am pleased to welcome two new sponsors to the WOM family:

Gene Webb has produced a new carving video on DVD, the first of a series of carving DVDs.

Masterwerkes, owned by carver Phill Pittman, specializes in CNC production carving FOR other woodcarvers,

Be sure to visit both of their websites; without such sponsors WOM would not be possible. Just click on the rolling graphic above the Index and follow the links you find there.

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