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Political Caricatures:

Bush and Kerry

Carved by Bill Gilbert


The national elections are close upon us here in the United States, and as a result we are neck deep in all the usual political folderol. Politicians have long been the delightful subjects of caricature, and carvers certainly have a place at that table. Political caricatures are not limited to only the editoral page; here's a few examples:

These wonderful caricatures of President George W. Bush and Senator John Kerry are the work of Rhode Island resident Bill Gilbert, a member of the Central Mass Caricature Carvers. Bill was kind enough to carve these two pieces specifically to share with our WOM readers. We have included a photo gallery for each caricature as well as a sizeable pattern that you may download for your personal use.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the editoral cartoons in your local paper or the national news magazines. In the meantime, no matter your particular political leanings, enjoy the GW and Kerry photos gallerys

Click the Left photo for the GW Gallery or the Right photo for the Kerry Gallery

For the pattern, click HERE.

Photos and pattern copywrite William Gilbert, 2004