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Welcome to Volume 8 Issue 6 of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers

Friends in Wood -

Three Hundred and Four! That is a very important number for this issue of WOM, because that is the minimum number of photos you will find in this issue. Those photos include the reports on the 2004 Congress, Spit n' Whttle 2004, the 2004 Santa Gallery, a Bobblehead "How-to" feature and our usual assortment articles.

This wide variety of photos represent a lot of hours in editing photographs and assembling web pages; we hope you find the results worthwhile.

Another special feature of this issue is the fact that several versions of our Front Page Santa photo are available as greeting cards, post cards and a miniposter. The entire markup for any of these items will be donated to Toys for Tots.

Some of you may have noticed the opening of the Carvers' Companion gear store at CafePress. There you will find a wide variety of WOM logo items. Coming just in time for Christmas is another set of gear carrying the World Wide Woodcarver Exchange logo, and then an entire new line of woodcarving theme items. Check back often for the growing selection of clothing and merchandise.

I am pleased to welcome two sponsors to WOM. Gene Webb Videos is back with a new video; be sure to check it out.

Floyd Rhadigan is our other new sponsor. Floyd is a talented Michigan carver who did very well in the recent CCA Caricature Carving Contest. Floyd teaches and supplies blockouts, patterns and tools; be sure to visit his new website.


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Carve On, Friends - Matt Kelley, Editor