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Artistry in Wood 2004

The Annual Show of the Dayton Carvers Guild

November 13 & 14, 2004, The Dayton Exposition Center

Photography by Jack A. & Carole Williams


Since the first show in 1981, Artistry in Wood has become "one of the top five shows in the country," according to Scott Phillips, host of PBS's American Woodshop. I returned to the Dayton Exposition Center on Sunday this year, and can safely report that Artistry in Wood continues to be a well-run event that attracts some of the best carvers and vendors in the States. The four hours spend there was barely time for a quick run past the booths and a bit of visiting with friends new and old. You really need two days at Artistry in Wood to get a good look at all of the booths. I would encourage anyone within a long day drive of Dayton to make the trip in 2005; you'll find it well worth the travel.

WOM is pleased to once again feature the quality photography of Jack A.and Carole Williams, who spent many hours taking the photos you'll see later in this article. Thanks also to Ray Kunz and the Dayton Carvers for permitting us to share these photos with our readers. Enjoy!

Matt Kelley, Editor

Artistry In Wood 2004

Winners, Woodcarving Division

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Woodcarving Best of Show

Best of Show - Leah Wachter - Business Man - Photo 1 and Photo 2
2nd Best of Show - Midge Schmitgen - Chimpanzees
3rd Best of Show - John Roth - Gothic window

A. Whittled Pieces
Don Mertz - Whittle Doodle
Sue Kraft - Miniature Chickadee

B. Relief Carving
Robert Stadtlander - Indiana barn
Midge Schmitgen - Chimpanzees 2nd Best of Show

C. Abstract/Ornamental
Robert Broughton - Wall Lamp - Photo 1 Photo 2
Bill Janney - Gun Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 2

D. Animal Figures
Lori Andrews - Golden Retriever
Kurt Curtis - Buffalo
Leah Wachter - Armadillo

E. Animal/Bird Heads
Lori Andrews - Horse relief on bowl
Bill Zych - Buffalo head

F. Birds
Sue Kraft - Rock Ptarmigan
Jim Fouts - Belted Kingfisher
Ray Kunz - Gone Fishin'
James Urbanic - Tree Swallows and cattails
Kenny Vermillion - Goldfinch

G. Aquatic
Ron Allinger - Crab
John Clark - Brown Trout

H. Human Fig. under 15"
Kathy Johns - Girl with sled
Randy True - Navajo woman w/blanket

I. Human figure over 15"
Kathy Johns - Woman w/basket of eggs
Leah Wachter - Business Man Photo 1 and Photo 2 Best of Show
Carole Jean Boyd - Knee Spirit Photo 1 and Photo 1
Rick Schneck - Crow Warrior
Gene Trickler - Mohawk Indian

K. Group Carvings
Kathy Johns - Koalas
David Sabol - Morning Visitor Kestrel in apple tree Photo 1 and Photo 2

L. Chip Carving
John Roth - Gothic window 3rd Best of Show
Tom Shumaker - Chip carved butternut bowl

M. Caricatures
Phil Bishop - Snaaaaake!! Photo 1 and Photo 2 and Photo 3
Floyd Rhadigan - Cool Cat
Dennis Thornton - Pitcher (Mud Dogs) Photo 1 and Photo 2
Jack Williams - Hello Darlin'

N. Miscellaneous
Kathy Johns - Iris
Stewart Watson - Fearfully and Wonderfully Photo 1 and Photo 2

O. Pyrography
Linda Sales - Spirit of the Mountain
Linda Sales - Mohawk Indian

P. Bob Wening Award
Sandy Czajka - Bluebirds

Q. Ivan Rossiter Award
Buell Burns - Monk
Sandy Czajka - One good tern deserves another

R. Jack Williams Award
Dennis Thornton - The World's Strongest Man Photo 1 and Photo 2 and Photo 3
Jack Williams - Jester in Phone Box

Ron Ryan Award. - Jack Williams Ray Kunz persents the Ron Ryan Award to Jack Williams