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Welcome to Volume 9 Issue 4 of Woodcarver Online Magazine, the first on-line magazine for and by woodcarvers. Scroll down for more about this issue of WOM.

This interesting bit of architectural carving is a detail from a stairway at historic Drayton Hall, Charleston, SC. Click the image for a larger view.

In This Issue . . .

. . . we have so much good stuff to share that it will be delivered in two installments. Part II will be delivered in early August, so please plan on checking back.

Part I

Part II


Coming Soon! Watch WOM, the Carvers; Companion web site, and your woodcarving mail list for the announcement of the Carvers' Companion/WOM Carpenter's Pencil Carving Contest! Cool prizes, lots of fun and a bit of fundraising for a most worthy cause! Some of the winning carvings may even end up on a t-shirt!

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Matt Kelley, Editor