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Ice Sculpture Ltd. Photo Tour


The icemaking room at Ice Sculpture Ltd.


Each machine makes two 300 pound blocks of clear ice.


A block of ice near completion - the small circulating pump in the foreground is the secret to crystal clear ice.


This bandsaw, which looks a whole lot like a portable lumber sawmill, is used to square up and slice the blocks.


After being removed from the ice machine and trimmed, 300 pound blocks are stored in a large walk in freezer.


The 300 pound blocks of ice are also sliced into 4" and 6" slabs, which are often used on the CNC router.


A silicon mold used to produce ice bowls for food service.


Finished bowls in a walk-in freezer awaiting delivery. A variety of artificial flowers may be frozen in the bowls.


The CNC router in the large walk-in freezer at Ice Sculpture Ltd.


St Patrick's Day ice sculpture produced on the CNC router.


A carved bust, behind another CNC routered slab


A cast ice globe and a CNC routed snowman.