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Lizzy The Bog Dragon

A Chinese legend comes to life in redwood


In Chinese lore, there is a simpleminded but pleasant dragon who protects the groomed bog gardens at the local palace. Jim Ruby, the manager of The Redwoods, a manufactured housing community in Redding, CA, decided a dragon was just what was needed to protect the "bog" garden at the housing community.

Armed with carving tools and a clay model, Ruby set about making the dragon, soon to be dubbed "Lizzy," a reality. Working in a gazabo at The Redwoods, Ruby spent hours extracting Lizzy from where she spent many a year hiding in a large redwood log.

Today Lizzy sits in a place of honor atop a stone and wood pedestal near the "bog" garden, where she keeps careful watch over the many visitors to the garden.


The gazebo where Lizzy came to life.


Redwood log with Lizzy trapped inside!



Early roughout work


Lizzy installed in her place of honor



Lizzy, with the bog garden in the background

Jim Ruby may be contacted at jimATrosieredwoodDOTcom