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Carving Down Home Angels By Tom Wolfe

From Schiffer Books

Woodcarver Tom Wolfe has never been accused of depictng the rich and famous, at least not without his tongue in his cheek. He always sees the rough edges that make his miniature characters look human, and a little bit off-center. So it is with these angels. A little wrinkled and and a lot ugly, they are proof that God must have a sense of humor.
Tom is a great teacher and takes the reader through each step of carving, finishing, and painting these angels, sharing the secrets he has learned over a rich and fruitful woodcarving career. Everything you need to know about making these angels is illustrated with a color photograph, and there are patterns to help you carve a whole band of them.


Art of Chain Saw Carving: An Insider's Look at 18 Artists Working Against the Grain by Jessie Groeschen (Available Oct '05)

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Meet the World's Most Unique Sculptor. Learn more about the fascinating people who practice an art form that combines beauty and danger.

Noted chainsaw sculptor Jessie Groeschen introduces you to the leading chainsaw artists practicing today, and provides an overview of the art form-recounting the advent and growth of chainsaw carving in the United States.

Finally, try your hand at chainsaw carving with a how-to chapter on chainsaw carving a chair, with step-by-step instructions and a full color photo gallery of finished chairs.




Carving Cypress Knees: Creating Whimsical Characters from One of Nature's Most Unique Woods By Carole Jean Boyd, and Jack A. Williams

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Discover the Unique Characters Hidden Inside the Strange and Wonderful World of Cypress Knees

Noted carvers and authors Carol Jean Boyd and Jack Williams bring you the ultimate resource for unlocking the whimsical characters and wood spirits from within one of nature's most unique woods: cypress knees.

Cypress "knees" are the little stumps found in swamps of the southeastern United States that protrude from the water in varying shapes, sizes and colors, and have even been known for their excellent carving properties.


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Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood: Patterns & Instructions for Dragons, Wizards & Other Creatures of Myth By Shawn Cipa

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Recreate the Romance and Mystery of the Great Creatures of Legend

Since the dawn of recorded history, beings such as wizards, dragons, faeries, mermaids, and other creatures of lore
have been a part of many cultures. In Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood you'll find expert guidance on carving these fascinating figures, and you'll be encouraged to use these patterns to help spur unique design ideas of your own.

Inside, you'll find:
· Useful tips and techniques
· Step-by-step guidance on carving a wizard and a dragon-both illustrated with dozens of color photographs from start to finish
· Inspirational full-color gallery of finished pieces



Little Book of Whittling (available 10/7/05): Passing Time on the Trail, on the Porch, and Under the Stars (Available Oct '05) By Chris Lubkemann

From Fox Chapel Publishing

Whether on your front porch-or in the back woods-the Little Book of Whittling will help you learn to how to create fun and useful objects with nothing more than a pocket knife and a twig.

Author Chris Lubkemann will help you "whittle away the hours" with clear guidance on becoming an expert whittler.

Inside, you'll find easy-to-follow instruction on:
- Tools and Materials: including what wood is best to carve
- How to Start: including choosing and sharpening the best knife
- Projects: including knives, forks and spoons; birds and animals; trees and flowers; whistles and walking sticks; and much more

Lubkemann brings nearly 40 years' whittling experience, and shares his knowledge in a friendly, down-home style. Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy way to get started in the most basic form of woodcarving, or an advanced carver looking for a relaxing way to spend your free time, the Little Book of Whittling will give you the how-to instruction you need to become an accomplished whittler.


Editors Note: When purchasing any of these items, please consider making your purchase from the sponsors of WOM and your local or Internet tool and supply vendors. Those folks are in business to provide us tools, books and supplies not avialable at the local big box store.