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Announcing the WWWoodc@rver E-zine, the first Electronic magazine in the World dedicated to woodcarvers.


The Name

"WWWoodc@rver E-zine" translates to "World-Wide Woodcarver". This name, with the "@" where the "a" should be, was chosen because it clearly identifies itself with the online carving community.


The E-zine is published six times a year, in January, March, May, July, September and November

WWWoodc@rver E-zine will promote woodcarving over the internet and provide a medium for the exchange of woodcarving related information amoung its online readership. It will encourage discussion of carving related issues, and become a place where woodcarvers and suppliers meet. In addition, it will announce workshops and local events, provide links to online tool and wood suppliers, and assist its readers in using the internet to market their work.

WWWoodc@rver E-zine will contain feature articles written by online carvers, news and current events, tips and techniques, book and product reviews, links to online carving resources throughout the world, and letters to the editor.

WWWoodc@rver E-zine will seek to employ all the electronic tools and capabilities of the internet to communicate with its readers, including email, extensive web pages, archives of past issues, links to remote sites on the WWW, mailing lists, and graphics.

Access to WWWoodc@rver E-zine will be free of charge to the general readership, but will attempt to attract paid advertizing in order to offset the costs of production.

WWWoodc@rver E-zine will be owned and copywrited by W.M. Kelley, but will allow authors and contributors to retain full copywrite of their online contributions. No copywrited material will be permitted in this Ezine without the prior written approval of the author(s).

WWWoodc@rver E-zine needs writers, graphic artists, columnists, and assisting editors who are committed to promoting woodcarving, and are able to volunteer their time to building and promoting a quality online Ezine. Help is needed in the following categories:

Notes from the Net

A summary of the best messages submitted to the Woodcarver Mailing list, along with the email addresses of their contributors. This will be a regular feature of each issue. Permission will be obtained to include each message in the WWWoodc@rver E-zine.

Regular Columnists and Regular Contributors

Writers are needed who will contribute in the following areas:

  • Whittling
  • Bird Carving
  • Sculpture
  • Relief Carving
  • Pyrography
  • Chip Carving
  • Caricature Carving
  • Fish Carving
  • Bark Carving
  • Furniture Carving
  • Miniature Carving
  • Book and Product Reviews

    Independent reviews of the latest woodcarving books, products and supplies on the market, especially those books, products and supplies whose producers and suppliers are online. An archive of book and product reviews from past issues will be available to readers.

    Online Woodcarving resources

    The newest and best of online resources available to the woodcarver, including web pages, newsletters, calendars of workshops/seminars, FAQ's, databases, catalogues, galleries, forums, mailing lists, patterns, and online services.

    Help Column

    Questions and answers for the common and uncommon woodcarving problems encountered by our readers. An archive of Help columns from past issues will be available to readers.

    Suppliers Page

    A collection of the best online suppliers and manufacturers of woodcarving related products.

    Tips and Techniques

    A regular feature of each issue which will hi-light useful tips and techniques of general interest to the readership. An archive of useful tips from past issues will be available to readers.

    Carving stories and Humor

    A feature which will entertain the readership with humourous anecdotes, carver poetry, jokes and cartoons, all designed to show the lighter side of woodcarving. An archive of carving stories and humor from past issues will be available to readers.


    How will WWWoodc@rver E-zine be different from Chip Chats magazine?

  • It will be entirely electronic.
  • It will derive its content from the online community.
  • Submissions to E-zine will be entirely electronic.
  • There will be no subscription/membership cost.
  • The E-zine will generate operating income through paid online advertizing.
  • It will allow www links from articles/columns/ads to suppliers/carvers/resources wherever they exist on the internet.
  • The E-zine will be owned by a private individual.
  • How will WWWoodc@rver E-zine be the same as Chip Chats magazine?

  • It will have an editor, and eventually assisting editors and regular contributors.
  • It will publish electronic images of woodcarvings, drawings and patterns.
  • It will allow for back issues.
  • Contributors will not be paid for their contributions. The E-zine will rely on the generosity and good will of its readership for its continued existence.
  • It will own the copywrite to the magazine, but will not retain copywrite or ownership of articles submitted by individuals.
  • It will promote woodcarving whenever and wherever possible.
  • It will advertize, and promote woodcarving related events and happenings world-wide.
  • The E-zine will succeed as an online magazine insofar as it faithfully serves the woodcarving community.

  • © W.M. Kelley, 1999

    Last Update 2/01