How To Subscribe To The Digest Version Of The

WoodCarver List

With a Digest List subscription messages from the List are collected and placed into a single document, which is sent to you when it reaches about 32k in size. Some days, when the list is really busy you might receive TWO or more digest documents.

To subscribe click HERE Once you arrive at the Woodcarver List page, go to the Subscribing To the Woodcarver section. Enter your email address and name. (Even though it says "Optional" please do enter your name.) To receive the Digest version of the List, select Yes after the batch mail digest question. You will be sent a message asking you to confirm your subscription. Not long after you confirm, your digest message will start to arrive!

Special reminder - if you wish to reply to a single message within a digest, delete all but that specific message before replying. Alternatively, copy and paste the particular message into a new email, address it to woodcarver@carverscompanion.com, and send it on the way.





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