Frequently Asked Questions about the

WoodCarver List

Q. How long has this List been around?

A: This List has been around since April of 1996. WOW!!

Q. How do I post messages to this List?

A: To post message to the list, address them to:

Q: Is this Listserve Free?

A: Yes, it is free. There are no subscription fees. In keeping with the tradition on the internet of free access to information, anyone will be allowed to access this list without charge. However, in keeping with the principle of good management, this List needs to pay for itself. There are costs involved in securing internet access and the services of an ISP, and the list owner needs to have some of his time reimbursed so he can continue to manage and upgrade the list over time.

To learn more about supporting the List with a donation, click HERE

Q: What do I get for supporting the List?

A: You get 365 days/year access to the list. If the List averages about 25 messages each day, that works out to 9,125 messages per year. That inludes access to the over 800 online woodcarvers who are subscribed to the List. You also get the list in TWO FLAVORS... regular or digest. The Regular flavor gives you all the daily messages individually as they come to the list. The Digest version mails out the messages in a large document called a digest, containing up to 40,000 characters of list messages. Best of all, you gain access to a thriving, vibrant, imaginative and friendly community of carvers whose combined experience is impossible to measure. Many of these carver/subscribers will become friends over time. You cannot put a price on that!

Q: What happens if I cannot afford to contribute?

A: Not everyone can afford to contribute. If you are one of these individuals, then please feel free to enjoy the List without charge. Someday, perhaps, you will be able to repay this free access by passing on the favor to someone else.

Q: Who owns this list?

A: By "ownership", we mean who operates and maintains this list, and who has the password to the configuration files for the list. The List was founded and owned for many years by W.F. (Bill) Judt of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Since November 1, 2008, this List has been owned by Matt Kelley of Flushing, MI. In a greater sense, however, the List is really owned by its membership; for without member subscribers, this List would not exist.

Q: What do I do if I go on holidays? I don't want hundreds of messages piled up in my mailbox when I return.

A: Simply set your subscription to disable mail and re-enable mail when you return from holidays. See the appropriate topic in the content box to the left.

Q: What advantage does the digest have over the regular list?

A: It reduces the number of messages you receive in your mailbox from the list. Instead of an average of 25 messages each day, you might get one or two digests each day, depending on list activity. You can also more easily export the digest contents to a word processor for editing and archiving.

Q: What disadvantages are there to the digest version?

A: One big disadvantage is that you have to copy and paste in order to reply to messages you read in the digest. That makes it a little harder to respond to individual messages.

Q: What common mistakes do people make on the list?

A: This is a BIG one ;-) Let's take them in order of most frequent appearance.

1. Sending Private Replies To The List: People sometimes make the mistake of sending private replies to the List where they are available for everyone to read. This is terribly embarrassing at times. How do people do this? Well, it seems they click the "reply to" button without checking the email address to which the message will be sent. On the List message, the "reply to" button AUTOMATICALLY sends the message to which is the List mailing address. To direct your message to an individual, you must replace the LIST address with the address of your intended receiver.

2. Excessive Chat: Some people tend to use the List to chat with their friends. This is OK to a certain extend, as it helps build community and friendship on the list. But chat really belongs to private conversation. Email your friends directly, and keep your chat off the List unless there is a good reason to have everyone read your message.

3. Change The Subject Line: People forget to change the subject line in their messages when they are changing the subject of their messages. The subject header should always reflect the content of your messages.

4. Flaming: Sometimes people lost their tempers on the List, and "flame" someone else for comments they have made or silly things they have done. Flaming is ALWAYS inappropirate. The reason is that immediately after you have flamed someone, you will certainly make a mistake at least as bad as the person who bore the brunt of your disapproval only a short time earlier. This will put you in an uncomfortable position, for sure. <grin> Members who edge over the line into flaming behavior may have their subscription switched to Moderated, which means that none of their messages will be forwarded to the List until first reviewed by the List Owner or a Moderator. This is the List version of being sent to the time-out corner.

5. More Than One Email Address: People sometimes interact with the mailing list using more than one email address. This happens most often because people access the mailing list from their workplace with one email address and from home with another. The automated listserve software program that runs the list is particularly fussy about people having two email addresses. It will only receive and send messages to and from EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT ARE SUBSCRIBED. If you subscribe to the list as: and then try to send messages to the list from a second email address, say:, the List will reject your message as coming from an unsubscribed address, and then BOUNCE it to the list owner, who then has to take time out of his busy schedule to explain to you that you are using two email addresses to interact with the mailing list. Whew!!!

6. Trim the message: People forget to trim their messages of repetitive headers/footers/signatures, and to remove unnecessary "quotes" of previous messages. One's messages should always be compact and efficient when one is interacting with a mailing List.

Q: My messages don't reach the list?

A: That's because you have either: 1. Not yet subscribed to the List. 2. You are subscribed but are sending messages to the List from an UNSUBSCRIBED email address (see above). 3. You were subscribed, but the List was unable to deliver the messages to your email address, became frustrated (as much as computers can get frustrated, that is) and placed your email address on a "bounces" list, where it will sit forever until you contact the list owner for help. The "bounces" list is like PURGATORY... where your email address is neither alive nor dead. Your email address ends up there so the mail server does not have to endlessly keep on trying to send email to an address that is unable to receive it, for whatever reason. Many subscribers experience this problem because their mailboxes fill quickly, and then email from the list is refused.

Q: I get messages from the List but cannot send messages to the List?

A: This is much like the previous problem. Check and make sure your outgoing email address is EXACTLY THE SAME as your subscribed address. If you are in doubt, contact the list owner for assistance. He can check to see what email address you used for subscription and help you get things straightened out. That is what your donation pays for ;-)

Q: I cannot unsubscribe, and am getting inundated with unwanted mail?

A: Don't panic. You either forgot how to unsubscribe, or are trying to unsubscribe an address that is not on the list of subscribers. Probably, you are trying to unsubscribe: when you are, in fact, subscribed as: You cannot unsubscribe an address except the one you originally subscribed. For more information on unsubscribing, click HERE.

If you go to the unsubscribe page and still are not successful please email the List Owner at womeditor AT comcast DOT net. Please DO NOT send an unsubscribe to the List reply-to email address - you are unlikely to get a rapid response if you do so.

Q: May I attach images to my messages so others can see my (excellent) work?

A: AT the present time, no, no, ... and again we say NO!!! Images clog up the mailing list like nothing else, since their files are so large few people wish to wait many minutes for your large (and unsolicited) image to download. The best way to let people see pictures of your work is to create a web page, where the images will be stored, and then send the URL for this page to your friends on the mailing list. This allows them to visit your page at their convenience, allowing other subscribers on the list to ignore your message if they wish.

Q: May I use the content of messages (or portions thereof) found on the list for newsletters, article and the like?

A: Not without first OBTAINING PERMISSION from the original author. Some people are pretty fussy about having their words used (misused) in other contexts. It is a very simple matter to email the person whose words you wish to quote or reprint, asking permission to do this. Usually, permission is granted, but sometime it is denied. Please respect the wishes of the original author. That is the courteous thing to do.

Q: May I use the List to promote my business?

A: If you operate a woodcarving-related business, and see the List as an oportunity to promote your business, then you are completely normal. Nevertheless, you must be careful to respect the wishes of subscribers to enjoy the List relatively free of advertising intrusions. If you step over the line of what is reasonable and courteous, the List subscribers will let you know quickly and pointedly. On the other hand, if you are wise and discerning in the way you use the List, you will gain the respect of the people who interact with you and your company. Business reputations are enhanced or damaged depending on the choices you make. If in doubt, ask the members of the list what they would prefer.

You must forward all commercial announcements to the List Owner, who will post the message on your behalf, providing that it is useful and considerate in its content.


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