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denny_bell aka Denny Bell, Pleasant Prairie, WI

I started carving after making a bird feeder for my wife in 1996. Thinking it needed more decoration, I carved a small bird to put on top of it... looked pretty good! I then carved some decorations on my mailbox and there was no turning back. Birds were my favorite subject for a few years, but then I thought I would try something different. Since then I have carved many things from chainsaw work to commissioned work and enjoyed it all. Sometimes I look at that small bird on the feeder in my yard and wonder if it realizes what it started.

I am a member of the Wildlife Carving Club , NWCA and several woodcarving forums.

dickfaulkner aka Dick Faulkner, Marlow, OK

Photo Album HERE

Hi - My name is Dick Faulkner, I live in Marlow OK. I have been carving since 2005. I enjoy all types of carving, but I carve mostly birds. I have not specialized in any type of bird, I have done song birds, raptors & ducks. For a look at my carvings click HERE. Please feel welcome to leave a comment if you visit to see my carvings!


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