Woodcarver List Who's Who: I

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iowacarver, aka Corey Hallagan - Council Bluffs, Iowa

I began carving in February of 2009 after a brief stint with woodburning which lead me to carving. I am just 100% hooked on woodcarving! I enjoy carving caricatures both animals and figures but also enjoy spirit faces. I would like to get more involved with realistic carvings of the human bust. I am a member of the Mid America Woodcarvers Association in Omaha, Nebraska. I have many favorite carvers but just a few are Will Hayden, CCA, whom I have learned so much from, and also club member and CCA member P.J. Driscoll who has given me so much encourangement in my carving. How can one not include Tom Wolfe! So many others out there including the great Harold Enlow. One could go on forever....

My other hobbies include traditional woodworking where I enjoy making decorative boxes and also turning pens on my mini lathe, but frankly since discovering woodcarving, I have done little of those things. I have a background in art having painted landscapes in oil and acrylics for many years. I am also a WWII and Vietnam miniature figure collector and model figure painter.


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