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Linehan718 aka Maura Macaluso Staten Island, NYC

I consider woodcarving one of the greatest journeys of my life. I am primarily a self-taught carver, having started after sustaining a tramatic injury but have also taken a few classes along the way. I am the owner/operator of I am an all-around carver who will carve almost anything, large or small, in any style. I really love doing classical, relief carving and antique carving restorations. I am the woodcarving instructor for the New York City Parks dept., the Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup(NEWR) held in the Poconos each year and am the founder of the newly-formed Staten Island Woodcarvers Club. I am also the author of The State of Woodcarving in America Today, which is a valuable read for anyone interested in carving or is selling their carvings. It is available to read for free at

Lkdhvt aka Don Heuerman, Barre, Vermont

I started carving as a child. Got serious about carving in 1972 and have been carving since then. I carve many cypress knee santas and do many woodspirits and flat plane carvings. I make carving knives and teach classes.





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