Woodcarver List Who's Who: M

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Marting aka Elmer Marting, Monona, Iowa

I have been interested in wood carving since High School, and did a project for the county fair, and won a blue ribbon. Did not continue woodcarving, as i became interested in "HAM" radio, R/C model Airplane Flying, and later real airplane flying.

My main interest in carving is Chip Carving, second is relief carving, third is caracture carving, and from there it is a varied interestes in projects.

I enjoy tool charpening, and am asked to help many times with the sharpening of fellow carvers tools. I had a good instructor in Everett Ellenwoood from Rochester, MN.

I am responsible to a group of fellow wood carvers from our area who meet twice each week, Tuesday afternoon's, 1-4P.M., and Thursday evening's, 6-9 P.M. We meet at the Monona Historical Museum in the Maarting Wood Carving Room, which is the "World's Largests Known Display of Hand Carved Chains". It is a non-structured group activity, with special projects throughout the year for those who wish to participate. We invite anyone to join in the fun. We do not have a charge for any of the activities or participation in the group. We just want to have fun, carve wood, tell stories, eat cookies, and drink coffee, pop, and water. Yes, we may even embellish some of the stories at times...

Marty aka Marty Leenhouts, Garden City, MN 866-444-6996 - lessons, patterns, E-letters, giveaways, and more with your free subscription - chip carving, quilting, scrapbooking, rosemaling retreats. Create your own retreat with your carving club!

Mmjoness aka Margaret (Meg) Mjoness, West Central Minnesota

I started carving 5 years ago and have taken several classes through our local carving club - Parker's Prairie WoodCarving Club. I'm currently the Activity Director for our club, so am always looking for creative instructors in our area.

My skills are developing SLOWLY! I enjoy relief carving, spoon carving, lettering (signs), acanthus, flowers, gouge chip carving, and have tried various other types. Currently I'm working on some new designs for snowmen, nisse (Danish Christmas "little people"), floral tiles, and woodenware (spoons, spreaders, etc.). I want to practice carving grapes, as I have done several pieces with grapes and I'm not pleased with the results.

Other than wood carving, I sew Scandinavian Folk Costumes, participate in Danish Festivals/events, knit, and am starting a company to produce and sell Ingeo yarn (100% corn fiber).

Will provide a link to website as soon as it is up and running! I learn so much from this group! Thanks to everyone that contributes.

mspike78 aka Mike Sullivan, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada

I've been carving for about 15 years on and off - caricature and animal carving - belong to Indian River Carving Club in Vero Beach, Florida and will join Niagara Woodcarvers in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Also interested in photography and gardening.


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