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shadow061 aka John Morris

Hi All my name is John Morris im from Yarnell, Arizona. Have lived here for 4 yrs now after spending 28 yrs in Phx. Am retired after 9 heart attacks, doing just fine these days. Sorry no pics or url's.

I used to own a furniture restoration restoration busness so i enjoy working with wood very much. Decided to try my hand at wood carving, have done several walking sticks and relief carrvings, right now im working on a buffalo head carved into a old pizza paddle,just a few fine details to do yet and then some light sanding then stain and finish it off.

Am formerly from Iowa but moved to Az - got tired of the cold weather back there, so now have to put up with the heat, well its not too bad up here in the mountains a lot cooler than Phx. lol. Also am a member of the search and rescue group here, the quad unit. Well thats about it for now i hate rambling on lol. Best wishes to everyone and keep carving. :-) John

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