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Vhamburg aka Victor Hamburger, Westborough MA

I started carving with a Millers Falls Palm set (when they were still excellent tools) at age 10. That was 54 years ago...Carved off and on until about 20 years ago and got into doing a few signs, sculptural pieces, lots of small stuff including some decoys and shore birds. Got more interested in chip carving and do pretty well with that now.

I have also come to love cottonwood bark houses and have stocked up on some nice cottonwood bark for the winter.

I am a member of New England Woodcarvers and Maine Woodcarvers. I've had the pleasure of carving with Carol Jean Boyd, Tony Erickson, Ainslie Pyne, Peter Benson, Pete Leclair and many other fine carvers, both in classes and in informal carving sessions.

Other hobbies are woodworking and model railroading featuring Maine two-foot guage railroads at the turn of the last century. I should take up cheaper hobbies like yacht racing and sports cars.......



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