Donations in Support of The Woodcarver List


Thanks to all those who have made a donation to support the WoodCarver List; your support is truely appreciated.

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Date Name Comments
1/09 "Woodbutcher" Jan Oegema  
4/11/09 Alex Bisso
4/12/09 John C. Anderson "It's a pleasure to continue support of the List and hope this helps you continue a great service to the carving community. John A"
4/22/09 Martin Slater
4/22/09 Bill Judt "Now it's my pleasure to send in my very first donation to the List. Thank you for your fine work managing the List."
4/23/09 Kenneth Woods
4/27/09 Vernon Norris
5/10/09 Kent Cartwright  
5/12/09 Susan Alexander  
5/16/09 Ev Ellenwood  





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