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To enroll in the W3E Holiday Ornament Division:

1) You must be currently subscribed to the Woodc@rver Listserve, Knotty Wood Porch, Woodcarving Fun, ASA List, Knotholes List , Fish Carver2 List, the MiWCA List, WoodCarvingFun List or the W3E-WOM List to participate. (Previous participants and members of other carving lists may seek a waiver from the W3E Director.)

2) Please read and understand the guidelines on the W3E Holiday Ornament Homepage.

3) Please remember that submitting this form means you have the time, energy and committment to produce one ornament every three months, and to ship 5 of those to other participants.

4) Please enter the following information in the box below.

5) You will receive a confirmation of this registration within seven days

6) Shortly after your group of 6 is filled you will be sent notification to begin work and a shipping list and schedule. (Notification may take up to 7 days.)

7) An Important Caveat: This is a voluntary program and no fees are charged. By the same token, no guarantee is expressed or implied regarding the quality or timeliness of delivery of a carving.

8) Please review the information you have entered on in the form, then press the Submit button.

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Please report problems with this form to the W3E Director at WOMEditor AT comcast DOT net

Last updated 2/12