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Carole Jean Boyd Seminar at TriCity Carvers September 2004


Carole Jean Boyd was the feature carver at the Tri-City Cavers 2004 show, and conducted two 3-day seminars in carving Santa's from Cypress Knees. Along with the usual band of suspects, I was in the second of the two seminars.

We started the first day with cypress knees in the 16" to 24" range, upon which Carole Jean has sketched in suggests for a Santa. From there we roughed in for the balance of the day. The second day was spent refining features and faces, and the third and final day woodburning details and painting. The results of my efforts follow below.

Cypress knees are soft, sometimes have punky spots, and thus present interesting challenges in carving.

We used a wide variety of tools, incluing rotary tools, power chisels, palm tools, knives, and woodburners. Finishes included acrylics for eyes and details, oil paints for the clothing, and Deft semi-gloss over all.



Rough-in progess, Day 1



Rough-in, right side Day One


Rough-in, left side, Day One



Detailing and sanding complete, ready for burning in details. (That's we actually had to do that dreaded "sanding" thing.)



The finished piece!



Right side view


Left side view




Close-up of face detail


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