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Carv'd with figures strange and sweet,
All made out of the carver's brain.

Christabel. Part i, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772­1834)


Welcome to the CelticCarver Gallery Pages. You'll find several galleries of my carvings here, as well as a gallery of carvings I have received from others from the World Wide Woodcarver Exchanges. You'll also find a selction of photos from classes taken in the last several years.

A work-in-progress, so please check back!

CelticCarver Galleries

Gallery 3 - Homes of the Wee People

Gallery 2 - recent carvings

Gallery 1

Older Carvings Gallery - carvings from '97 or earlier

Exchange Carvings - from W3E Participants

Class Photo Albums:

Carole Jean Boyd - September '04

Marc Kaisersatt - Advanced Caricature Design - May '04

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