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Ol' Don's Drawing Table

"Ol' Don" Burgdorf continues his regular series of patterns for WOM with "Spring Gardener"

To print the pattern, click here; the pattern will open in a new window, and should print on 8.5 x 11 paper. For Printing Hints, click here.



"Ol' Don" Burgdorf is a carver and artist from Nashville, TN. Don's feature "Doodles 'n Notes for Carvin' Folks" appears regularly in Chip Chats, and his patterns are now found in each issue of WOM and Carving Magazine. He has several pattern portfolios available on a variety of subjects, in both hard copy and CD. For information about the portfolios and other custom services Don provides carvers, click here. Some of Don's "Chattering Chippers" patterns can also be seen at the Woodcarver's Porch pattern page.

Ol' Don now has roughouts available for some of his patterns. You are invited to visit Ol' Don's home page, or email him at ol'don@artofdon.com

Copyright 2006 "Ol' Don" Burgdorf. This Pattern may be copied for individual use; reproduction for resale is prohibited without express written permission.