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Santa Gallery 2008 - Part II


Santa '08
Pete LeClair

Basswood - More photos and pattern in Pete's regular article in this issue of WOM


Patriotic Santa
Steve Springer

Basswood with acrylics, wax & furniture polish
~12" tall

Original design


Ron Bushman

Basswood with oil paint and semi-gloss spray
~4" tall
From Marc Cargac tutorial in Woodcarving Illustrated


Chimney Santa
Arthur Harpool

Basswood with paints

Adaptation of J. Kochan pattern, designed by Mike Shipley, from Woodcarving Illustrated.

Santa separate carving from chimney; he may be removed and reversed












Holiday Treescape
Teri Embrey

Basswood with acrylic paints and stains
8” x 3” x 3”
Original design


Mike Bloomquist

Cypress knee with color stains

Original design, mostly (with a little inspiration from Carole Jean Boyd carvings)











Quilted Santa
Steve Springer

Basswood with paints
9" tall

From a Stu Martin roughout


Russ Scott

Cottonwood bark with acrylics, poly and wax
15" x 3" x 3"

Original design


Santa Scene
Michael Harwell

Basswood with acrylic cherry stain and neutral shoe polish
12" x 4" x 4" figures

Original design


Santa & Mrs Claus
Ron Bushman

Basswood with acrylics
~5" tall, Mrs Claus ! 4" tall

Ron writes: "From a pattern in Woodcarving illistrated. I carved the Santa from the pattern, but misplaced Mrs Claus, so finally drew her from memory and finished the set."


Santa With Gifts
"Ol' Don" Burgdorf

Basswood with acrylic paints
~ 6.5 ” tall
Original design, available as a roughout

Art of Don



Quilt Santa
Glenn Fout

Basswood and Acrylics
~10” tall

From a roughout by the Bishops, started at a CCA seminar


Auggie Ornament
Marcia Berkall

Eastern pine & acrylics
Original design

Marcial writes: Auggie is my Yellow Collar Macaw.  I couldn't resist making this ornament.

Whittlins 'n Wood


Flat Plane Santa
Doug Evans

Basswood with oil paints
6" tall
Inspired by Mike Bloomquist DVD Carving Easy Santas

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