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Santa Gallery 2009 - Part II


Santa '09
Pete LeClair

Basswood - More photos and pattern in Pete's regular article in this issue of WOM















Wayne Folwarski

~7" tall

Based on a design from Woodcarving Illustrated


















Santa Bust
Corey Hallagan

Basswood, Acrylics, Boiled Linseed Oil and Satin Lacquer

~ 8" tall

From a rough out by Mark Akers















Santa's Elf
Joe Hartnett

basswood and painted in oil.

~7" high

From a pattern and article by Mark Gargac presented in Woodcarving Illustrated

















Russ Scott

Basswood, Acrylics, and Wax

Original designs inspirted by vintage Christmas cards










Santa Ornament
Jim O'Harra

Basswood, acrylic washes, sealed with Minwax satin clear










Teri Embrey

Basswood with acrylic paints and stains
10" x 4 " x 4 "
Original design

Reflections of the Soul














Santa Ornament
Loren Woodard


















Santa With Puffin
Marcia Berkall

Basswood and acrylics
~6 1/2" tall

Original design


Millard Harrell

Basswood, acrylic wash w/ Danish Oil

2 ½ x 2 ½ x 4

Original design










Quilt Santa
Glenn Fout

Basswood and Acrylics
~10” tall

From a roughout by the Bishops, started at a CCA seminar












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